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How Do Virtual Private Servers Operate?

The appellation “Virtual Private Server” refers to a virtualization technology, which permits a single physical machine to be split into several virtual ones.

On a virtual private server, you can operate autonomously from the others. You can select an Operating System and, thanks to the complete server root access you obtain, you can install your own software.

Virtual Private Servers of Your Choice

With SCNIS Limited, you can choose between OpenVZ & KVM based VPS hosting packages. Based on the chosen server virtualization platform, your private virtual server web hosting plan will come with the SolusVM Admin Panel, which will allow you to reboot your VPS web hosting server at any given time, keep track of the system resource consumption and monitor your traffic stats.

In addition, with any of the virtual private servers plans provided by SCNIS Limited, you will get the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel for free.

Advanced Administration Services

If you need support administering your virtual server, SCNIS Limited offers optional managed services, including weekly backups and Operating System updates, VPS server monitoring, rebooting, custom software installation, script problem solving, etc. procedures.

All these services are offered during the order procedure, but you can also order them from your VPS Plan Manager tool at a later time.

What’s more, for the sake of customers having content-rich, dynamic sites, SCNIS Limited provides an advanced web accelerator – Varnish Cache, which can be installed in front of any web server that speaks HTTP and configured to cache the contents.

Varnish Cache will increase your site’s loading speed, enormously decrease the server load and guarantee a more stable and dependable shared hosting service.

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